What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient, therapeutic, holistic treatment whereby focussed pressure is applied to the feet, but it can be done on the hands, ears or face.  Our feet have over 7,400 nerve endings making them extremely sensitive which is the reason it is most effective on the feet.  Reflexologists work on the premise that each of these nerves connect to all areas of the body (organs, systems and structures) via the nervous system. 

What are the Benefits?

Having a reflexology treatment can stimulate and balance organ function, aid toxin excretion, improve sleep, relax tension, normalise gland and organ function and improve circulation, as well as create a submile feeling of bliss!  A treatment also takes us out of the "Fight of Flight" (Sympathetic Nervous System) response and into the "Rest, Digest and Repair" (Parasympathetic Nervous System) function which allows the body to tap into its innate ability to heal itself.

A treatment can help with:

Detoxification - ridding the body of toxins and supporting the liver in the detoxification process

Digestive/Intestinal Issues - ulcers, indigestion, cramps, bloating

Reproductive/Hormonal Disorders - menstrual issues, fibroids, prostate issues

Immune System - allergies, chronic fatigue

Mental Health Issues - fear, anxiety, panic attacks, stress

Muscle/Joint Issues - arthritis, aches and pains

Respiratory Issues - asthma, bronchitis

Sleeping Disorders - insomnia, restlessness

Supportive Care for Cancer patients and survivors

Weight Control - over or underweight

as well as many other issues